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Richie Ballerini and Max Amillion, together again!

In another in the ongoing series of special FunRaising events by the CRA to help protect the Virginia City National Historic Landmark from open pit mining,
two guys named Richie and Max dressed in their tuxedos and conducted a melodic evening of time travel, back into the era of the Rat Pack.

They appeared Saturday October 8 at the Tahoe House Hotel on C Street, two talented performers in an intimate setting with a microphone, a nearby bar and an appreciative, even adoring audience of about fifty. Most of us were over 50, but there were a pleasantly surprising strong contingent of folks half that who happen to like the music.

Most of the guests were from the Comstock and nearby suburbs such as Reno and Carson City, but some, like Jean-Pierre from the French Consulate in San Francisco, had come from farther afield. Near, far or in between, everyone who came enjoyed it so much we're thinking of a return engagement in the spring.

With all of us working harmoniously together, we will prevent the intrusion of heavy industrial pit mining in the Carson River Superfund site, the Virginia City National Historic Landmark and in our peaceful communities. And we will keep it fun.

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