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Comstock Residents Association
PO Box 387
Virginia City NV 89440


On Saturday September 10 and Sunday September 11 the CRA sponsored an exceptional collection of contemporary Nevada art at the Sierra Arts Gallery in the old Riversde Hotel, downtown Reno. The two-day show and sale included paintings, sculpture, ceramics and prints by 22 preeminent Nevada artists, brought hundreds of visitors and raised thousands of dollars toward preventing pit mining of the Virginia City National Historic Landmark. And we had fun doing it.
22 Contemporary Nevada Artists
Joan Arrizabalaga
Ron Arthoud
Buckeye Blake
John Bogard
Erik Holland
Bill Jewell
JoAnne Johnson
Peter Kraemer
Karen Kreyeski
Julie LaCroix
Peter Laufer

Jean LeGassick
Ed Martinez
Jim McCormick
Jeff Nicholson
Elaine Parks
Mimi Patrick
Deon Reynolds
Trish Reynolds
Paula Saponaro
Sidne Teske
Larry Wahrenbrock

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