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We are currently gathering informational links to post on this page, addressing the issue of pit mining in the Virginia City National Historic Landmark from a variety of perspectives. We are also including video clips on related topics.

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Local Websites
Silver City Resistance
Bob Elston hosts this informative Silver City website with its focus on open pit mining and heap leaching within the Comstock National Historic District and the Virginia City National Historic Landmark.

Wall Street Journal
Jim Carlton's article focuses more on our resistance than on the company's claims and promises, and the WSJ article presentation includes a slide show of historic photos from the Gold Hill NEWS archive and a video narrated by Jim himself.

San Francisco Chronicle
Carl Nolte has covered Comstock stories for the Chronicle for years, and wrote a lengthy piece illustrated by Brant Ward's photos. Chronicle headline writers under the misapprehension that a pit mine means good things for the people next door.

Channel 2 News, Reno
Even with three segments, Kristen Remington had no time for nuance, but she did a solid job of presenting the situation in basic terms to her news audience in Reno.

Channel 4 News, Reno
Like the blind squirrel who every once in a while finds a nut, this reporter found Jim Page in Silver City, a longtime local resident who welcomes the pit mine.



Great Basin Resource Watch
This Reno-headquartered environmental justice organization is dedicated to protecting the health and well being of the land, air, water, wildlife, and human communities of the Great Basin from the adverse effects of resource extraction and use.

Carson River Mercury Superfund Site
Archaeological Studies of Historic Mill Sites   US E.P.A., April 2011


Rock Creek Alliance Montana
A mining company wants to mine in a Montana Wilderness Area. "What's at stake is the very essence of wilderness, the very reason places like the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness are protected to begin with."

Western Mining Action Network
WMAN's mission is to foster and support a strong network that protects communities, land, water, air, and wildlife by reforming mining practices and holding government and corporations accountable.

"Once the gold is gone, so is the source of revenue"
Strange times to be a lobbyist for Nevada's gold mining industry   by J. Patrick Coolican   Las Vegas SUN Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comstock Mining Inc.
Corporate website
Comstock Mining Inc's public facade.