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Lootenanny, Sacramento     April 30, 2011
We are grateful to the Poinsettia (Nevada) Chamber of Commerce for throwing a "Lootenanny" on our behalf on April 30. More than 200 Nevada-loving Californians came to give us their support and had a great time doing it. We raised big bucks and gathered in a dozen new supporters. You'll see a slew of photos below; watch the bands perform via the three links down the right hand side.
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Thank you!
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at an undisclosed location in Sacramento. . . .

West Nile Ramblers

Miss Lonely Hearts

Mike Blanchard and the Californios

If you couldn't make the party you can create a fairly persuasive facsimile by getting hold of a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a straw bale* and putting them both to good use while watching the Youtube videos above and punching the donate button above them every half hour or so. We heart $5 donations!

*Actually, the straw bale is optional; you can do this at the kitchen table if you wish.

Alkali Flats, the Mediocre Sacramento Bar Band at the center of the Nevada fervor here, is appearing One Night Only Friday June 24 at the Red Dog Saloon on C Street in Virginia City. CRA members will turn out in force to repay the generous support we received in Sacramento.