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Meet 'n' Greet, Virginia City     May 19, 2011
On a pleasant May evening in Virginia City. . . .

Fifty or sixty Comstockers, friends and family, including current and former county officials and C Street business people, gathered on Thursday May 19 to discuss the threat of pit mining within the National Landmark and its quiet communities. The CRA Meet 'n' Greet was held in the great room of the Tahoe House Hotel on C Street. A number of citizens stepped up to the microphone to discuss the adverse consequences of pit mining, and how to stop it.

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We didn't have live music at the Meet 'n' Greet, and it might not have been heard over the lively babble of conversation if we had. But if you'd like a cheerful tune or three, click the links below for music from our Sacramento Lootenanny*.

West Nile Ramblers

Miss Lonely Hearts

Mike Blanchard and the Californios

*Alkali Flats, the Mediocre Sacramento Bar Band at the center of the Nevada fervor here, is appearing One Night Only Friday June 24 at the Red Dog Saloon on C Street in Virginia City. CRA members will turn out in force to repay the generous support we received in Sacramento.