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Soup & Salad Social, Virginia City     April 1, 2012
On a pleasant April evening in Virginia City. . . .

Nearly a hundred Comstockers, friends and family, including current and former county officials, candidates for office and C Street business people, gathered on Sunday, April first to share a delicious supper of soup and salad. Information about the threat of open pit mining on the Comstock was available, and some signs were distributed, but the emphasis was on having a friendly get-together and restoring connections rather than on arming and deploying ourselves for the endgame with CMI.

Karen Wright of Virginia City prepared the delicious Minestrone and Robin Cobbey of Gold Hill made the delectable Pozole, each aided by a devoted team of sous chefs, servers, bus boys and dishwashers. Many in attendance brought cookies and bread to share, and both Virginia City Baked Goods and Virginia City Jerky send goodies down from C Street.

The event was so enjoyable, both for the diners and for the kitchen crew, that it was decided to do it again, this time with two new soups and two new lead chefs. Volunteers are encouraged to call Robin at 847-0321.

Read all about it in Cynthia Kennedy's 'Seen on C Street column in the Virginia City News.
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Our next FUNraising event is in Sacramento on Saturday April 28, another in the fabled series of Lootenannies sponsored by the Poinsettia Nevada Chamber of Commerce, and the second one devoted to preventing pit mining in the Virginia City National Historic Landmark. It will be held in the same backyard as last year's (See it here), at 2625 Second Avenue, and will follow the same format: beer, wine, water, burgers, dogs, and raffles with music and merriment throughout. Please come and bring a few bucks for the cause.

Over Memorial Day weekend we'll hold another Fabulous Flea Market at the Silver City park, so it's once again time to get your stuff together. No clothing except collectibles this time.